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This category covers termination boxes rated 600 V or less that consist of lengths of busbars, terminal strips, or terminal blocks with provision for wire connectors to accommodate incoming or outgoing conductors or both, or with provision for inlet assemblies for incoming conductors. Termination boxes are intended to be used in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 70, "National Electrical Code." Termination boxes have a rating in amperes based on the size of the bus located within the termination box.

Termination boxes do not contain switching devices, overcurrent protective devices, or any control components (see RELATED PRODUCTS).

This category also covers termination bases to be field installed in termination boxes, and termination boxes in which termination bases are to be field installed.


Termination boxes rated and marked for use on the line side of service equipment may also be used on the load side of service equipment. Termination boxes not marked for use on the line side of service equipment and rated 100 A or less are only for use on the load side of service equipment.

Termination boxes may have knockouts or openings for the connection of cable fittings, conduit or electrical metallic tubing. They may also have openings for connection with openings in other equipment, such as meter sockets, panelboards, switch or circuit breaker enclosures, wireways, raceways and the like.

Termination boxes provided with inlet assemblies may consist of a single multi-pole inlet assembly or multiple single-pole inlets installed in a completely enclosed assembly. Single multi-pole inlets are suitable for connection and disconnection under load. Single-pole inlets are not intended to be used for the connection to, disconnection from, or transfer of loads.

Termination boxes are generally freestanding structures or can be mounted on to a post or pedestal.

A mounting post is intended to be mounted in concrete at grade level or below or is intended to be secured to some other mounting support. A mounting post is marked with a grade level line to which the post should be encased.

A mounting pedestal is intended to be mounted to a concrete slab.

A mounting post or pedestal either has ventilation to inhibit condensation or is provided with instructions indicating the correct mounting procedure.

Unless marked otherwise, a mounting post or pedestal is intended to be self-supporting, and is not intended to serve as the support of a mast for overhead wiring.


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